Shower Doors

Shower Doors

Whoever invented the first shower curtain probably hung up an old sheet or maybe even, going way back, an animal pelt. We’ve come a long way since then. Whereas shower curtains can be fun and decorative, they have a relatively short life expectancy. This can get to be a pricey endeavor after a while; replacing and then replacing again. And the curtain just doesn’t give you the privacy that you sometimes desire when you’re in that nice hot shower; the water beating down on your face, completely and totally relaxed and alone… Sort of. Then the dog comes along and sticks its cold nose through the shower curtain and gives you the surprise of your life. That can be avoided with shower doors.

Shower doors themselves have come a long way as well. The old fashioned shower doors with the tracks mounted along the top of the tub edge and another track installed where the curtain rod would be are pretty much obsolete these days. There are entire shower doors that go from just short of the ceiling to floor enclosing a generously sized shower stall. To someone who was around for the very first shower doors, this almost looks like some transport device for time travel. Very futuristic. Gone too, are the tracks. They still make sliding shower doors but there are now hinged shower doors as well. It all depends on what kind of space you’re working with. If you have a tiny cramped bathroom, particularly if there is going to be more than one person using it at a time, a hinged shower door that swings out into the bathroom is probably relatively non utilitarian for that particular circumstance. You might want to stick with the tracks.

It isn’t a ‘shower door’ anymore

Some companies don’t even use the term shower door; they’re calling their product sliding enclosures. Somehow that term sounds a bit claustrophobia educing. Of course they are see-through, unless they’re frosted or are partially see through with a designs etched into the glass.

These shower doors are a real “glass act”

Speaking of glass, you have a handful of options in that category. The names themselves are relatively accurate when it comes to the glass description:

  • Not quite as see through as clear – Silk, autumn (leaves etched into foggy glass), rain (picture rain on your window; you can see through it but you can really make anything out) and reflections (almost black, like tinted car windows).
  • Totally see through – clear etched, cascade, fluted, clear beveled, and symmetry.
  • In between-steam mist, heirloom (like steam mist with etching) and obscure.

The names have been changed to protect the old fashioned

Call it silk or call it rain mist; call them doors or call them enclosures; how we refer to shower doors is only a small part of the changes that have taken place regarding bathroom décor, through the years. Shower doors are somehow just a little bit more elegant than a piece of plastic, no matter how nicely decorated, hanging from a bar in front of your tub.

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